Tarot offers clarity. An opportunity to look at your life direction; where it’s working, where it isn’t. A chance to focus on the important issues in your world and gain direction, rebalance, reprioritise. My clients focus their questions around their health, their careers, family, romantic relationships, and what really makes their life worth living. Tarot offers a way to deal with challenges. To work out how to do what needs to be done.

Tarot works as an oracle. The images on the cards speak to the unconscious mind – to ideas that remain unformed. These thoughts and dreams and worries can be brought to the forefront of the mind. Into focus. Into clarity. My skill is in the interpretation. In the knowledge of symbols. In the translation of imagery. We bring your consideration into focus. Tarot provides answers.

We live busy lives, often with hardly a chance to look at our own path. To take time to see the direction the_empresswe’re headed in. To decide where we’re going, and how
we want to get there. As obstacles and challenges continually arise on our journey it is difficult to find a way to clarify and direct our own path. To see how external people, places and things influence us. To find the most successful way forward amongst all this busy-ness.

Tarot offers us the opportunity to gain insight. To provide clear direction. To unearth what our subconscious minds already know, if only we had time to listen to this guidance. We have become disconnected from our intuition.  As challenges constantly arise in every area of our lives we can become stuck. We can become lost. Our lives may lack joy.

Tarot offers a way out of the maze. Tarot offers clarity, and a positive step forwards.

My name is Sylvie Kaos, and I am a mother, writer, and friendly neighbourhood hedgewitch. I have worked with tarot systems and runic divination for 22 years. Along with studying with the School of the Feminine Divine, I have worked within a myriad of spiritual paths focusing on the natural cycles of life, Gestalt, and symbology. Secure in my academic footing, I am a natural empath, and skilled in framing your questions for the most accurate oracular readings.

I work face-to-face with clients from my home, by appointment, but also offer email consultations with clients via Paypal.

Do contact me via the links provided. Your information is secure and will not be shared. Questions are answered within a 48-hour period. Privacy assured.