About Sylvie & Contact Details

I vividly remember the front room of the house I grew up in. Shelves upon shelves of books, some dark and dusty, some with beautifully gilt edges, right through to contemporary novels and magazines. My parents front room held antiques and books going back generations. My father had been active in World War II and Korea. Both his and my mother’s family were readers, and they kept everything. From antiques through to clutter. Most fascinating to me were an antique zoetrope, and a deck of tarot cards – which I later found out had belonged to my grandmother. She had been a well known socialite who had read them at parties.

My fascination with things symbolic and artistic persisted irregularly for decades following, culminating in a certain spirituality being thrust upon me, recovery style, in my late 20s. In getting to know this new-found source of wisdom I found also that many of the challenges from my earlier life stemmed from strongly empathic tendencies, for which I had no grounding or management skills. In learning to manage an intuitive path I found myself studying with The School of the Feminine Divine, along with Arts, Humanities and Writing papers at university, learning the wonderful ways of Steiner, Waldorf and Gestalt, and working a spiritual path with groups of women over time. My interest in tarot cards expanded to an interest in runes, ouija, crystals, pendulums, and other oracular systems. I had a calling toward the myriad of systems for communication with the Divine and the unconscious, making a Jungian framework the perfect middle path for me.

So, that is now what I do. Taking the skills, experience, and academic information learned along this path, I offer those skills to you. With my deck of cards as oracle, we work together to uncover what you need to know about your path.

I’m based in Dunedin, New Zealand, working with clients in face to face readings, or email format.

I do this because tarot works. The answers come. People benefit from the work I do. A tarot reading is one of the most real ways of interacting with another human being. In these times of attitude and artifice, tarot is a means of real communication, growth, change, and truth.

The answer really is in the cards.