Yes, I will read at your event. Happy to do these, fundraising or otherwise.

Yes, I will do your interview – preferably print, as, though I am unapologetically loud and wordy, I am actually quite private. My divination methods extend from tarot to runes, pendulums, crystals, and oracles, and I am happy to talk regarding any of these, or on Goddess-centred spirituality, at my skill level.

Yes, I will write for your column or publication. Over time and in various roles I have written for numerous publications. Writing was my major at university, and I am completely comfortable with writing practical, applied and creative pieces to deadline.

With regard to these I can be contacted at

Tarot Dunedin can also be found at

You are welcome to use the photos below with reference to myself or Tarot@Dunedin.

License to Fly - 2zxCQ-CFkC - print Sylvie 2013