Everything that lives works in cycles. In Mother Nature’s world, everything is either growing, or it is dying. That is the law of Nature. A plant is growing or it is dying. It is never still. And this growth happens in cycles. The cycle of the natural world is birth, adolescence, maturation, old age, and death. Then the cycle starts again. Night follows day follows night. Winter follows Autumn follows Summer. Our lives are no different. And I don’t mean just in our ageing process. In our emotional growth, we win some, we learn some. Certainly in our physical life – and particularly for women, whose physical cycles follow the rhythm of the Moon. So to our creative life waxes and wanes. And our thoughts on matters, what we know and believe, changes and develops over time (if we are open minded to new information). When we close off, when we attempt to remain static with any of these aspects of our life – our creativity, our relationships – we lose our natural rhythm. We stagnate. That aspect of ourselves dies. Human beings are the only creatures who attempt to live outside these cycles, and that is the point where we become lost. We lose our rhythm. We are no longer one with life.

It is worth noting that all of these cycles of Nature pass through a rest period. Humans try to make things stay the same – particularly relationships with other people, without respecting that friendships and relationships wax and wane. They don’t have to be constantly ‘on’ to be worth investment. Let it rest. Nurture it and it will grow again.

The circle is actually a spiral. Much like a nautilus shell – a cornucopia – our lives come full circle. But while it may appear that we are back at square one we are actually further ahead through the spiral. We have experience and growth we didn’t possess at similar points in the path. The situation has changed, and we have changed. Just as in the shell, the circles of the spiral get wider then narrower as we move through life. Sometimes our circuit around the spiral is heavy, high impact, fulfilling, or stressful. At other times in our lives it is easier. The trick is not to stop during the challenging parts.

The first half of our lives we follow an outward spiral, gaining attachments – people, places and things. This is a time of moving into the world – creating our lives and our careers and our families. During the second half of our lives we follow an inward spiral. This is the time to focus on our internal world. We have the life experience to look at who we are. We’ve had the experiences to become aware of how we respond, and who this personality is.

And the point? Nature. This is what Nature does. One crop is seeded and harvested. Winter holds the seed. There is new growth in the spring. We leave this bodily form and our body returns to Mother Earth. Our energy is born into a new spiral.

We are one with Nature as much as any living creature. We are merely cells on the body of the Goddess, all with different functions and purposes in sustaining the organism. A skin cell is worth no more or less than a heart cell. Their functions are different. What use is it to compare the two for value? What affects one of us affects us all. When we pollute and poison the body of our Mother Gaia, we poison ourselves. When we increase our own health and creativity, we create a better life for all.