Love To Y’all – BUT it ain’t Free Love…

Two of Pentacles

Here’s what I need you to know. I DO do a lot of free work for my whanau and community. It’s the right thing to do. An energy exchange for people I love, and for my closer community. I also work for koha. For me it’s about giving back.

BUT as I work with about half a dozen people at a time, on top of paid clients, three kids, CAFS appointments, trying to run my house, see my partner, and not seeing close friends I love very often, my time is very precious. Just as precious as yours.

Therefore I charge for it.

I am happy to give a reading or some spellwork in the evening or any time I can loosen up for you, truly. But if you need me to clear a space in my diary for this work – which provides my families income – the rate is $70 an hour.

Let me be clear. A gift is a gift, on my terms. If you are booking my work time, that time needs to be paid for. $ 70 an hour.

If I make a space in my diary available to you, it is no longer available to my children, friends, my lover, or even paying clients. That space is valuable. You might not know, but if a paying client stands me up without contacting me, they never get another appointment with me. Ever.

This is my work, and it is time I’m giving up from other things that really do need my attention. I am the only captain of this ship. It’s all down to me. I’m currently getting about 6 people a week asking for services on top of my regular bookings. And I honestly can’t think of any other profession (except perhaps hairdressing) where people ask for free work with such frequency.

Yes, I am generous with my work. But I ask for some generosity of spirit and consideration in return.

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