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I’ve been thinking some more about Mamapriestess (thanks to http://witchesandpagans.com/sagewoman-blogs/woodspriestess/mamapriestess.html#comment-7425 ), and about the spiral path…Morticia Wednesday
If the first half of the spiral is the outward movement, wherein the first half of life we move out into the world, gathering people and things,

and the second half of life is the inward spiral, where we introvert more and work on our spiritual and inner work,

surely as mothers we are right at the apex?

At the point of the turn where our spirituality is manifested in the physical?

We are here to experience Earth and tangible things in a spiritual and meaningful way. The necessary distraction from the inward journey IS spiritual. This is the path of the Goddess.
Obviously there are variables, as each journey is different. Some with children, some without. And for myself, as an older mother entering my Cronedom on a physical level, but still parenting on a physical and emotional level, I feel strongly the call on an intellectual and spiritual level to be working on the inward spiral.
I have three children – 8, 13, and 14, with varying high needs from anxiety disorder, OCD, through to Aspergers Syndrome. As a divorced Mother, this does narrow my ability to focus on my Spiritual journey. But I work as a tarot reader, I give my time in support of women and mothers, and as a family we follow and celebrate the Seasonal wheel. We are active in Green and Social Politics. And I attend a Pagan meetup.
All these things are Spiritual for us. It is a lived path, with little time for pomp and circumstance.
But this is my own path. This is my journey as this unit of being.

Sit a Spell

The MagicianSeriously considering charging for Spellcraft.

It’s not about anyone I’m currently working with. (Don’t get paranoid.) But I do need to make this decision moving forward.

I have never charged for Spellwork – or Tarot for that matter. But I do charge for my TIME. Which is why my rates have gone up significantly in the past year. My time has become more and more constrained and precious.

There are supporting arguments for this, such as the imbalance of energy exchange, where I put my energy into work for a client, and they return that energy in the form of money, which in turn provides energy for my children in the form of food and electricity.

But more than this, I believe it’s due to the increasing popularity of Paganism in general, and any form of working with the energies of the Earth.

As it stands, I have happily given my work to those who need it – but find myself increasingly missing promised opportunities to work for friends, whanau, my own family and myself. I haven’t even made a poppet for my ex-husband yet – and he seriously deserves one.

Yes, I do Hex. I am not Wiccan. This is Craft. This is not about working with Spiritual energy – although I do deify where appropriate. Its about working with elemental energy to affect an outcome. And I am well aware that there are other paths I could have chosen if I’d wanted to be restricted in my Spirituality by other humans.

So, in looking at putting this on my web page (www.tarotdunedin.com) I am planning to charge the same rates for Spellcraft as for Tarot, in that I will charge for my time. Friends and whanau are still only to be charged koha, as that is where I stand on the issue.