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What a privilege to work at this awesome event!

Otago Museum

Open daily, 10am–5pm, Free
419 Great King Street
Dunedin, New Zealand

$10 early bird or $15 on the door

Otago Museum

This event has passed.

After Dark @ OM

February 14 is coming up, and the coolest event in town is UnValentine’s Day at Otago Museum!

A Radio One DJ will be playing, food trucks and a cash bar are onsite, and you will be in one of the most amazing party venues in town, the beautiful Otago Museum.

Devon Smith from Agency Tattoo will be there to tattoo you. Devon studied fine arts before moving to tattooing six years ago. She is known for her delicate, greyscale stipple work, and specialises in fine botanicals and detailed animals.

The Project from TV3 were there.

Tarot reading is on the cards with Sylvie from Tarot Dunedin, your local hedge witch. Look at your life direction, where it’s working, where it isn’t – tarot reading is a chance to focus on the important issues in your world and find direction, to rebalance and reprioritise. Maybe even find out if you should pursue the person who has been giving you eyes over their gin and tonic all night…

The Project from TV3 were there

Sing like nobody’s listening (but they kind of might be) at karaoke in the planetarium. Perform your number under the stars and the Insta-worthy backdrops of the 360° dome screen ceiling.

Strike a pose in the photo booth, sit and sketch in the gallery, mend a broken (fabric) heart with Stitch Kitchen, and loads more.

Come and join the crowd, dance to some fun tunes, get some fresh ink, and be part of the best Valentine’s event in Dunedin.

UnValentine’s Day is part of the Museum of Broken Relationships wellness programme.

From 7pm, Friday 14 February
$10 early bird or $15 on the door
Tattoos additional, starting at $50. Tattoos will not be given to people who have consumed alcohol.
R18, ID will be checked at the door


ten-thingsMonday morning, 28 December, in holiday mode with three kids:

Phone rings: Do you do the tarot cards?

Sylvie: Yes I do

Her: Do you do anything else?

Sylvie: Yes. Runes, Palmistry, that sort of thing. *this segues into my usual intro…*

Her: So you’re not psychic…?

Sylvie: I’m empathic and intuitive, but where people want a psychic I refer on, cos that’s not my area.

Her: Cos I don’t do cards.

Sylvie: Okay.

Her: Cos you could go to one reader and they’d turn over one set of cards, then go to another, and they’d turn over something else… Do you know what I mean?

Sylvie: Okay.

Her: So do you have anyone else I should contact?

Sylvie: I suggest you phone a psychic.

This human actually phoned me to dis my profession, and my practise, in preference for finding someone who wouldn’t just tell her anything that comes into their fuzzy little heads.

Cheers for humans interrupting me on holiday to speculate on my legitimacy.

The business is called Tarot@Dunedin!

Maybe a psychic could find a clue in that name for you?

Work Life Balance…

Just a wee bit crappy. Maybe a wee bit sicky. Certainly tired.

Court today2Just crappy enough to know that seeing a Suzuki Swift just irritates me. Nothing wrong with the car, but the people who choose to buy them seem to be the same people who just need a kick up the backside in general.

Temper is also short with the non-compliant minions…

It’s been a long season. Courts, and death, and funeral… and some of the women I treasure the most have been through hell, just this season.

I am exhausted, but attempting to restart my life in small ways now.

Physically, I’m attending to my Green Prescription, and quite shocked at how unfit I’ve become so quickly now I’m older. Mainly joints and ligaments… anything that stretches or clicks, and probably shouldn’t.

Energetically, I’m sleeping. A lot. I figure I should trust my body.

Emotionally, I’m shifting away from some of the causes I pursue, because they bring me low. Even on my wee political page, I’ve always tried to post not only about the problems, but also about potential and practical solutions. But Cecil nearly finished me. I gotta recharge.

Environmentally, I’m just concentrating on home and hearth. Still decluttering while I struggle to maintain Flylady cleaning in the face of daily (and unreasonable) opposition.

Politically, I’m looking further into Socialism, as the New Zealand movement seems as deeply environmentally focused as it is socially. Their main focus seems to be combating injustice on all levels. And that suits me just fine.

Creatively, I’m hoping that my tiny bit of blogging, maintenance of my pages, and my wee tarot business are taking care of that. I know I need to be writing and even drawing more. But hell, I’m finding I just cant do everything.

Academically, I’m still learning about tarot, Jung, and archetypes – and likely will be forever. I read across a wide range of material every day – political, social, and spiritual.

Spiritually, I’m more in contact with the Moon and the seasons than I ever have been. I run my life to that clock. And that keeps me in constant communion with my Gods. Just being of the Earth.

And sexually, I’m being treated just fine! Thanks for asking.

Socially – that’s the big one for an introvert like me – I got out last night for a couple of hours for a meetup with my local Pagan group. It was bloody hard to get out of this house of small wild dependants by 5pm, but do it I did. And I will do so again every month. I love socialising, but need time to recharge after interacting with people. So as a friend I can be problematic. “Come here, I like you. Now go away for a month.” Not everyone’s cup of companionship.

So, there it is. My recovery programme.

I have come to replace the word ‘balance’ with ‘inclusivity’. These areas of my life are never in balance – they can’t possibly be. There are to many of them. But I include a little of each in my schedule – more of some as the Moon waxes, less of some as the Moon wanes. It’s not a balanced diet, because I can’t eat that much. But my intention for living as busy and as well as I do is that, over time, no nutrient is completely left out.